5 Tips To Prevent Periodontal Disease

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Be it that you are attending a board meeting at your workplace or simply having fun or a night dinner with friends, one thing that’s in fact, you wouldn’t want anyone to think when you speak is the smell coming from your mouth.  If you are having breath problems that seem to be more than temporary, then you could possibly be suffering from disease of the gums. The problem is smelly, and affects not just the odor, but the mouth as well with pain. It can also put the health of your heart at risk. Anyways, you don’t have to worry, the problem can easily be prevented with the following five amazing tips.

PeriActive is a multi-functional rinsing system that plays the role of reducing inflammation as well as plaque of the bacteria. It also forms a comforting film that ensures a long lasting soothing effect. This mouth wash formula proved to be effective for oral bacteria and also plays a role in reducing gingival inflammation as well as gingival bleeding.

Whenever you attend a social event or go for your first date, the last thing that you expect from people or your partner is to give you some advice on how to prevent the smell that comes out of your mouth. Well, I am sure that nobody in this entire world would ever like these kinds of comments and suggestions as they are really embarrassing and can shake your confidence greatly.

It is absolutely correct that gum diseases or periodontal diseases are quite common among adults and old people across the globe and they do have harmful effects on the entire health of a person, apart from having a dangerous impact on the mouth. Gum diseases start right from normal inflammation in gums to dangerous diseases which have the potential to injure tissues and bones that are meant to provide support to teeth. Some of the common periodontal tissues include cementum, alveolar bone, gingiva and periodontal ligament etc.When gum diseases reach an extreme level, you end up losing your teeth.

New Breakthrough Treatment for Peri-Implantitis

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Great seeing all of you at the Izun booth at the Greater NY Dental Meeting. We loved getting your feedback and sharing your success regarding our new products.

Izun at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

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Izun Oral Care will be at the Greater New York Dental Meeting on Sunday November, 29!

Company Representatives will be available to discuss results at Greater New York Dental Meeting, 30Nov2015 – 02Dec2015


Dr William Levine, founder and CEO of Izun Pharmaceuticals, was the featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Dutch Periodontal Society.