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Types of Periodontal Disease

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Lots of people in the United States suffer from periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease.This progressive disease affects the tissue surrounding the gums and the underlying jawbone. With the passage of time, especially without any treatment, this disease leads to reduced support for the gums and in many cases, loss of teeth. Periodontal disease is the number one cause behind adult tooth loss in developed countries.

How Does It Happen?
The disease commences with the plaque toxins mounting an attack on the gingival tissue that surrounds the teeth. Once embedded in the gum, the bacterium spreads rapidly, ultimately resulting in a bacterial infection. Inflammation and irritation are noticed in the teeth and gums as the infection keeps progressing and going deeper into the tissue. Destroying the infected tissue is a natural response of the human body, but there is a recession of the gums in the process. Leaving the condition untreated leads to recession of the tissue surrounding the jawbone too. As a result, teeth are left unstable and weak.

The Types of Periodontal Disease

The most common form of periodontal disease faced by periodontics is known as Gingivitis. Plaque toxins are the primary causes of this condition, which is most frequently reported in diabetes patients, pregnant women, and users of blood pressure and seizure medications, along with steroids.

Chronic Periodontal Disease:
This form of gum disease is reported mostly in people above 45 years old. The main characteristic of chronic periodontal disease is the illusion that the teeth are growing longer, when in fact, there is a severe recession of the gums. Progressive destruction of bone and gingival tissues happens as a result of gum line inflammation.

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Aggressive Periodontal Disease:
This form of gum disease is quite similar to Chronic Periodontal Disease, but progresses at much more rapid rate. Rapid loss of bone tissue and gum attachment are the prime characteristics of aggressive periodontal disease. Smokers are at an increased risk of developing this form of gum disease.

Necrotizing Periodontal Disease:
This is another rapidly worsening condition, which is frequently associated with people suffering from other critical medical conditions such as chronic stress, HIV, immunosuppression, and malnutrition. The alveolar bone, gingival tissues and periodontal ligament are affected by tissue death or necrosis.

Treatment of Gum Disease
Gingivitis is treated through a combination of dentist procedures such as deep scaling and root planning, which cleanse the interiors of the mouth. Mouthwashes and antibiotics are also prescribed for home care, which kills off remaining bacteria.

Treatment of Chronic Periodontal Disease is a bit more challenging as rebuilding the supportive tissue is an impossible task. Focus is instead shifted to halting disease progression through dental procedures and antimicrobial remedies. In some cases, tissue grafts and surgeries may be necessary as well.

The treatment for patients of Aggressive Periodontal Disease is almost the same as the treatment of chronic periodontal disease. However, aggressive periodontal disease sufferers are far more likely to face surgical procedures because of the rapid progression of the disease.

Necrotizing Periodontal Disease is an extremely rare type of gum disease. Its association with critical medical conditions requires a more complex approach to treatment. More often than not, dentists will consult a physician before prescribing medication or performing surgery.

Systemic Conditions
A host of systemic conditions can affect periodontal health as well. Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and other cardiovascular problems may result in the acceleration of periodontal disease. In such a scenario, the medical conditions causing the symptoms of periodontal disease are first analyzed and treated.

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