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Welcoming the Newest Members to the Izun Consultant Team

Posted On Jun 09 th Comment

Izun is excited to announce the newest members to the Izun Consultant Team!

Jill Kring Carter
Jill Kring Carter, aka Practice Prudence™ is a writer, speaker, and consultant with over 30 years experiencein the businesses of dentistry, medicine/healthcare administration, and managed health care. She was the owner of The Parker Group, a niche financing andtransitions firm serving dentists until 2012.

You can find Jill on Dentaltown, LinkedIn, Twitter,and Facebook – Practice Prudence™

Prudent Practices for the Business of Dentistry, and Often, The View Less Considered ––  717.951.9313 –

Dr. Jeffrey Hoos
Dr. Jeffrey Hoos, graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine, in 1978.  After three failed associateships, he opened his practice on a second floor “walk up” and built a fee for service group practice with 4 dentists and twenty five support staff.  The  Brush & Floss Dental Center, in Stratford Connecticut, provides patient centered dental care based on Dr Hoos’ philosophy of Balancing: the Art, Science, and Business of Dentistry.   “A private dental practice will certainly succeed if the office provides beautiful dentistry, based on great science, and done in a timely profitable manner.”   Dr Hoos invented the patented H and H impression method, has been award numerous awards, taught his innovative method around the world and dentists from all over the world come to the Brush & Floss Dental Center to learn his methods for: “providing the highest quality care, for the most number of people while maintaining a BALANCE between their personal and professional lives.”  He has been a Nobel Mentoring office, taught implant dentistry, restorative, painless injections, TMD management, and Teeth For A Lifetime.Teeth For A Lifetime is the premier program for building a superior hygiene program in a dental office.

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