Company Profile

Izun Oral Care is focused on developing innovative oral health products containing a patented blend of bioactive compounds that have been clinically proven in the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis and oral ulcerative lesions. The exceptional results of this research have formed the basis for the filing of 50 patents with oral care claims. In total, the Company has conducted 16 clinical studies for various oral health indications, with additional studies planned for supporting the new product pipeline. 

The Company’s lead product, PeriActive® Rinse, offers a breakthrough opportunity to address advanced gum disease, a growing problem of epidemic proportions affecting 50% of adults over age 30. PeriActive® Rinse and a companion product called PerioPatch® (an innovative hydrogel patch), have already been launched into the professional channel in the United States and Israel with enthusiastic support by key opinion leaders in the dental community.