The Science

Izun scientists optimized and refined a natural, botanically-based bioactive blend of Sambucus nigra, Echinacea purpurea and Centella asiatica that exhibited powerful wound-healing properties. These findings were later confirmed by 16 clinical studies in the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, and oral ulcerative lesions in which they were able to define the bioactive platform’s unique mechanism of action.


Current therapies for gingivitis and periodontitis (including scaling and root planing, antiseptic rinses, and subgingivally-delivered antibacterial agents) all reduce bacteria. However, these agents do not directly reduce inflammation or enhance the capacity of the gums to repair. In fact, many of these agents actually kill gingival fibroblasts, which are cells critical to the wound-healing process.


Only Izun’s advanced gum therapeutics actually achieves all three goals for effectively treating periodontitis and gingivitis:

  • Reduces pathogenic microbial load without killing fibroblasts
  • Reduces inflammatory damage
  • Enhances natural gum repair


The results of the 16 clinical trials formed the basis for filing 50 patents, of which 35 have been issued. All of the trials confirmed the efficacy and safety of their patented bioactive blend.