Dr. Levine is Chairman of Izun Pharmaceutical Corp. and serves as a director & Chief Technology Officer of Izun Oral Care. He also serves as the director and founder of the Jerusalem Perio Center, the largest and foremost private healthcare facility specializing in the treatment of oral diseases and implantology in Israel. 

A Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology with 15 registered patents and numerous patents pending, Dr. Levine is a practicing periodontist with over 25 years of clinical experience, and a frequently featured speaker at international forums on periodontal disease and implantology. 

Dr. Levine is an active board member of several hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel. He received his DDS and Certificate of Periodontology at Columbia University, New York.



Les Kraus joined as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Izun in 2013. Prior to this, Les served as Chief Financial Officer of Retail Apparel Group Pty Ltd (RAG), the largest menswear retailer in Australia, for 12 years. During his time at RAG, Les managed two sale processes to private equity firms. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant in Australia and has over 30 years of operational and financial experience, covering both retail and wholesale businesses.

Dr. Amy Rosenbluh joined Izun in 2006 as Director of the R&D and QC Laboratory, and has since added Director of Production to her responsibilities. Amy obtained a Master’s degree from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University in Israel, and held post-doctoral fellowships at both Stanford University and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. Amy brings to Izun both academic research and managerial experience gained in the educational and business sectors. Dr. Rosenbluh’s areas of research include microbiology and genetics; she holds a patent and has published numerous articles, as well as a chapter in the book, Myxobacteria II.

Dr. Gabriel Nussbaum joined the Izun team in 2004 and is instrumental in the research and development of Izun’s products. Gabe is a US board-certified physician for internal medicine and the treatment of inflammation is one of his specialties: he has pursued graduate work and conducted post-doctoral research on inflammation at the Weizmann Institute of Science, an international center of scientific research in Rehovot, Israel. Dr. Nussbaum has also has published in the fields of inflammation, autoimmunity and infectious diseases.

30 years of experience in the dental industry Regional Manager at Inventiv Health, OraPharma contract. Recruited and managed a sales team of 12 flex and full time account managers. National Sales Manager at MIS Implants. Recruited and managed 3 regional managers and 16 sales representatives.


Branch Manager at Patterson Dental Company, 2nd largest Dental Distributor in the US. Opened a start-up branch in Long Island, NY generating sales of $12 million in a very competitive market.


Sales Manager at Henry Schein, largest dental distributor in the US. Sales growth from $6 million to $22 million in within a 4 year period. Registered Dental Hygienist, B.S. from SUNY Farmingdale.