The Science

The Company has an exclusive global license for a unique system utilizing state-of-the-art technology to identify the bioactive compounds of plants across all oral care indications. The technology works right through the gums from the outside in, with deep penetration technology to treat periodontal inflammation and accelerate gingival repair.

Through its global license, the Company is able to utilize this unique technology to:

  • Analyze the mechanism of action of the plants' bioactive components;
  • Reduce inflammation by down-regulating pro inflammatory cytokines
  • Enhance tissue repair by regulating tissue repair mechanism
  • Reduce bacterial plaque
  • Develop highly effective products by optimizing these active compounds; and
  • Market oral care products with clinical efficacy and reliable safety profile.

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Botanicals: the new frontier in periodontal disease treatment

Inflammation is the body’s response to trauma and infection: it initiates the repair of injured tissue; however this process can cause discomfort and pain. PerioPatch speeds up the healing process by enhancing the body’s natural repair mechanisms and protecting the injured area. A single PerioPatch treatment consists of the application of 6 patches over the span of 3 days. The effect of a single treatment lasts for up to 90 days.

A two layer film soothes the damaged gum tissue: the inner surface forms a protective seal and reduces the fluids that inflame gum tissue; the outer surface aids the application process and provides additional protection from irritation. The outer patch falls off naturally in an hour or less, but the inner gel patch continues to soothe the inflamed area for 6 hours.